Folder Management (Cloud Management)

Folders are used to logically group your Prisma Access deployments for simplified configuration management. Folders represent a hierarchical structure that allows you to share configuration. You can create a folder that contains multiple nested folders to group sets of deployments that require similar configurations. Folders that are already nested can have multiple nested folders as well.
The configurations defined under a folder is inherited by all folders nested under that folder hierarchy. For example, you can configure settings that are common across GlobalProtect, Explicit Proxy, Remote Networks, and Service Connections under the
Prisma Access
folder. Similarly, you can configure settings that are common across GlobalProtect and Explicit Proxy under the
Mobile User Container
and so on.
You cannot edit the folder hierarchy in Prisma Access.
For existing customers, the Prisma Access nodes were represented as Folders. Go to
, set the scope to
Prisma Access
, and click
to view folders.

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