Turn on Alert Notifications

Enable Insights to send email alerts when it initially detects an issue and when the issue is resolved. These alert notifications describe the issue and impact, and include a link to Insights where you can investigate further.
The Palo Alto Networks email address from which you receive alert notifications is noreply@paloaltonetworks.com.
To send alert notifications to an email destination:
  1. Grant access to the Insights app for the people who you want to receive alert notifications.
    To receive Insights alerts, you must be an Insights admin. There are three types of admin roles that can access Insights, but only account administrators can grant users access to an app. Go to the hubto check role assignments and assign roles.
  2. Log in to Insights from the hub.
  3. Go to
    and add the email address to which Insights should send alert notifications.
    The email accounts to which Insights sends alerts must be the same email accounts associated with users in your Palo Alto Networks support account.

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