Download, Share, and Schedule Reports

You can share reports within your organization, and also schedule reports so that they’re delivered to your email inbox—and your colleagues inboxes—at regular intervals (daily, weekly, or monthly). Reports are delivered as PDFs.
So that you can easily share reports with people in your organization, set up Directory Sync for Prisma Access. Directory Sync gives Prisma Access read-only access to your Active Directory information. With Directory Sync set up, you can easily add recipients to a scheduled report. Prisma Access checks report recipients against Directory Sync, and if it doesn’t find a match, performs an extra validation step by checking the email address domain against the email address domains associated with your support account. These checks ensure that Prisma Access reports are not sent outside of your organization.
All Prisma Access Cloud Management roles enable you to view, share, and schedule reports, with one exception: Audit Admins can view reports, but cannot share reports or add/edit report schedules.
To download, share, or schedule a report:
  1. From the
    home page, open a report.
  2. From the report dashboard, choose to download the report, share the report, or schedule the report.
    Reports are shared and downloaded as PDFs.
  3. If you’re scheduling a report, you’ll need to continue to define the report parameters including:
    • the
      Time Period
      for which to gather data
    • the
      , which is the frequency at which you’d like the report to be delivered (daily, weekly, or monthly)

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