Manage the Prisma Access Service Infrastructure

Plan and set up your Prisma Access service infrastructure.
To set up your service infrastructure in the cloud for your remote network locations and mobile users, you must provide a subnet that does not overlap with other IP addresses that you use internally. Prisma Access uses the IP addresses within this subnet to establish a network infrastructure between your remote network locations and mobile users, and from your service connections to your headquarters and/or data center (if applicable). This infrastructure enables Prisma Access to determine the service routes for services such as DNS, as well as enable other inter-service communication. Because a large number of IP addresses are required to set up the infrastructure, you must use a /24 subnet (for example, This subnetwork is an extension of your existing network, and therefore, cannot overlap with any IP subnets that you use within your corporate network or with the IP address pools that you assign to your Prisma Access for users deployment.

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