Mobile Users — GlobalProtect

Customize and build out your Mobile Users (GlobalProtect) environment.
After you deploy a mobile users location with a GlobalProtect connection, you can continue to customize and build out your GlobalProtect setup:
  • Start by enabling GlobalProtect and allocating mobile users to the GlobalProtect connection type. You’ll also specify the locations for GlobalProtect users to connect to, and setting up authentication for GlobalProtect users.
  • Use your company domain in the portal address that your mobile users connect to for secure access to the internet, data centers, and HQ. By default, Prisma Access uses the domain.
  • Manage your GlobalProtect users and customize their experience and interactions with the GlobalProtect app.
  • Customize the settings for the VPN tunnel the GlobalProtect app establishes to connect to Prisma Access.
  • Allow users without the GlobalProtect app (partners or contractors, for example) to securely access enterprise applications by enabling them to authenticate to GlobalProtect in a browser.
  • Users can request to disable GlobalProtect in the GlobalProtect app. You can then generate a ticket in Prisma Access Cloud Management to allow the request.

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