Configure Multiple Portals in Prisma Access

Learn how to configure multiple portals with multiple authentication methods in Prisma Access (Cloud Management).
You can configure two portals based on port numbers in the same Prisma Access tenant, with each portal supporting a different authentication method. Enable this feature to migrate mobile users from one authentication method to another without creating a new Prisma Access tenant.
  1. Configure a mobile user and the authentication method for it.
  2. Enable multiple portals for the same gateway.
    1. Select
      Prisma Access Setup
    2. Edit the
      Infrastructure Settings
    3. Enable Multiple Portal for Multiple Authentication Methods
      The new portal appears for the 8443 port for the same tenant. This portal inherits the configuration settings from the original port, which is port 443.
  3. Edit the portal configurations to update the authentication settings.
    You can edit only the portal's
    Authentication Settings
    Certificate Profile
    authentication settings.
    The authentication override settings are enabled for both portals in the GlobalProtect app settings and tunnel settings.
  4. Save all your changes and
    the configuration changes to Prisma Access.
  5. Add the portals manually or using endpoint management software in the GlobalProtect app.
  6. Verify if you can connect to both portals with different authentication profiles for the gateway.
    1. Log in to your Windows machine.
    2. Connect to the portals in your GlobalProtect app.
      When you change the connection between portals of different authentication methods, authenticate the user login.

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