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This feature requires the
Okyo Garde
license for Prisma Access.
Okyo Garde is a network security solution that’s neatly packaged to be deployed in employees’ home to support work-from-home (WFH) use cases. While both Cloud Managed and Panorama Managed Prisma Access deployments support Okyo Garde, Panorama administrators need to go to the Cloud Managed Prisma Access app to manage the Okyo inventory and assign Okyo subscriptions to employees. Okyo Garde is available as a subscription service and includes:
For Employees
For Administrators
  • Okyo Mobile app
  • Okyo Garde device with security stack that pairs with the employee’s home router
  • Okyo Garde with Prisma Access
  • Global Standard Customer Success and Support
Enterprises can now offer their employees the same Palo Alto Networks security technologies that they trust to secure their campus networks. Employees can set up and manage Okyo Garde for security across all connected home devices. A safe home network with smart device segmentation that recognizes and restricts devices based on type and profile association assures a unified and secure work-from-home experience for all employees.

Okyo Mobile App

The Okyo Mobile app is designed for simplicity and ease of use for WFH employees. An interactive wizard for digital onboarding provides a fast and frictionless setup for employees.
Home users can receive notifications about activity and security incidents on their home network, so that they can take action to block suspicious devices. The Okyo Mobile app also lets parents set time limits, schedule pauses, filter content, and block ads, for a safer digital experience for children.

Okyo Garde with Prisma Access

Okyo Garde is a secure web portal for you, the administrator, to centrally manage employees and subscriptions, and to monitor your organization’s fleet of Okyo Garde routers and mesh nodes. See Getting Started.

Quick Start Guide

As an Okyo Garde administrator, you can manage your organization’s Okyo Garde deployment. It’s important to note that Okyo Garde users are mobile users and must be set up to access corporate resources just like any other mobile user. You can check out all the details about Okyo Garde with Prisma Access here, but for now, here’s a basic rundown of the things you’ll do as an Okyo Garde administrator:

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