Troubleshoot the VeloCloud SD-WAN Remote Network

Use the following resources to troubleshoot issues with VeloCloud-Prisma Access deployments.
  • Prisma Access troubleshooting
    —Check the status and the logs in Prisma Access.
    • Go to
      Service Setup
      Remote Networks
      and check the
      of the tunnel.
    • Go to
      Log Viewer
      and check the
      logs for IPSec- and IKE-related messages.
      To view VPN-relates messages, set the filter to
      sub_type.value = vpn
      The message
      ignoring unauthenticated notify payload
      indicates that the route has not been added in the crypto map on the other side of the IPSec tunnel after the IPSec negotiation has already occurred.
    • Check the
      logs and view the messages that are coming from the zone that has the same name as the remote network.
      In the logs, the remote network name is used as the source zone.
  • VeloCloud troubleshooting
    —In the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, select
    . The following example shows a timeout error; this type of error can indicate mismatching proposals or a gateway connectivity error. The values to check are provided in the message text.

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