Manage Policy Recommendations from SaaS Security Administrators

Security policy rules that allow SSL, web-browsing, or “any” application may allow unsanctioned SaaS applications that can introduce security risks to your network. To give you visibility into those applications, SaaS Security administrators can recommend policy rules for specific SaaS apps. You can review, import, and commit (push) those recommendations to your security policy for enforcement.
To get to the
Policy Recommendations
screen, select
Web Security
Web Access Policy
, and then select the
Policy Recommendations
A) New SaaS Rule Recommendations
When the SaaS Security Administrator pushes a new SaaS rule recommendation, its name, description, and the action you can take for it to appear in this table.
B) Status
Shows the status of the SaaS rule recommendation. See if a rule has been imported, removed, has an update available, or if an import has failed.
C) Search
Use text search to find rules.
D) Show / Hide columns
Show or hide columns to improve visibility.
E) Actions (New SaaS Rule Recommendations)
(Import) - Import a rule from the New SaaS Rule Recommendations table down to the Imported SaaS Rules table for enforcement. You’ll see details about the rule before importing it.
F) Enable Automatic Updates
Turn on to update imported rules automatically.
G) Actions (Imported SaaS Rule Recommendations)
(Update) - Update an imported rule. You’ll see what’s changing with a rule before updating. This action is grayed out when no update is available.
(Remove) - Remove an imported rule. You’ll see this icon next to a rule that’s scheduled to be deleted in the next automatic update.
(Policy Detail) - View details of an imported rule.
H) Imported SaaS Rule Recommendations
Rules you import from the New SaaS Rule Recommendations table appear here in this table.

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