Okyo Garde Dashboard

Okyo Garde in Prisma Access enables administrators to centrally manage employees and subscriptions, and to monitor their organization’s fleet of Okyo Garde devices. See the Okyo Garde in Prisma Access guide for more information.
The Okyo Garde dashboard in Prisma Access Insights shows data related to your Okyo Garde devices and the users who connect through those devices. This dashboard has the following tabs:

Okyo Garde Monitoring Summary

This tab gives you an overview of the health of your Okyo Garde connection. The Monitoring Summary tab has the following widgets:

Top 5 Alerts by Severity

By default, only the top five most severe alerts relating to Okyo Garde within the time frame specified are displayed. The vertical lines represent the severity of the alerts. Drilling down into an alert gives you more context of the underlying issue.
These alerts cannot be cleared manually. They can be cleared only by resolving the underlying issue. The
View All Okyo Garde Alerts
link takes you to the
page, where you can filter the data displayed by
Use Case
When you drill down into an alert, the alert details page opens in a tab. This page displays the status and description of the alert along with other information, such as the Alert Generation Timestamp, alert status as to whether the alert is open, the alert type, Prisma Access location from where the alert was generated, and the name of the tenant that was affected. Selecting the name of the tenant opens the Prisma Access Locations page for the tenant, which shows you the detailed status for the tenant.

Device Status

This widget shows the status of all Okyo Garde devices in real time. The number in the center shows the number of Okyo Devices and their states out of the total number of Okyo devices that have been licensed. The Okyo Garde device status key is as follows:

Tunnel Status

This widget displays in real time tunnels connecting Okyo Garde devices to Prisma Access and whether the tunnels are in up or down states.

Unique Okyo Garde Device Connections to Prisma Access Locations (Real Time)

This widget shows you Okyo Garde device information in real time. Select a link to view details for that location (such as US East) on the Prisma Access Locations dashboard.

Okyo Garde Map View

You can select a Prisma Access location (shown by an inverted triangle) to see how many Okyo Garde devices are connected through that location during the
Time Range
Login Timeline
is based on the
Time Range
that you have selected and shows intervals within that time range. The user data that you see on the map (inverted triangle markers) is the data for the selected time slice within the
Login Timeline
. A time slice varies depending upon what you select in the
Time Range
filter. For example, if you selected
Last 7 Days
, your time slice could be one day or if you select the
Last 15 minutes
, your time slice will be one minute. By default, the user data is set to show the last time slice on the
Login Timeline
. So, by default all the markers on the map will reflect the data for the selected time slice. To see the data for a different day, click one of the vertical lines in the
Login Timeline
. The color of the markers on the map represents the current status of the location. Use the legend in the widget to decipher the status based on the color. Hover on a location to see the device serial number, device location, and the user ID of the user who claimed the device.
Selecting a location icon shows the flight path from where the mobile user is connecting to the gateway. The flight path also shows where your users are connected from and whether they are connecting from long range or short range. Long range connections are 500 miles or more from the Prisma Access Locations.

Okyo Garde Device List

Okyo Garde Device List
tab provides an overview of the devices that are connected at a specific time, based on the
Time Range
selected. This tab includes the following widgets:

Unique Okyo Garde Devices Connected Over Time

This widget shows how many Okyo Garde devices are connected during the
Time Range
selected, with the last hour shown by default. Click anywhere on the graph to see how many Okyo Garde devices are connected at that specific time. Clicking on the graph fixes a point in time, and you can view further details about devices connected at that time in the
Total Okyo Garde Devices

Total Okyo Garde Devices

This widget provides information about all Okyo Garde devices connected during the
Time Range

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