Go to the Insights App

The hub is a single place where you can access the Palo Alto Networks cloud services and apps for your organization. The Insights app is available to all Prisma Access users. You can find the app on the hub—no need to activate the app or set it up. When you log in to the hub, even if you’re logging in for the first time, you’ll see the Prisma Access Insights app tile displayed on the hub homepage:
To login to the hub, and then to the Insights app:
  • Use the credentials associated with your Palo Alto Networks support account to log in to the hub.
  • Confirm that you—and any other users you’d like to access Prisma Access Insights or receive alerts—have the hub role required to access the app. If you are not able to log in to the app, it might be because you are not assigned one of the hub roles that would grant you access.
If you’re using Panorama to manage Cloud Managed Prisma Access, you can also access Insights directly from Panorama:

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