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Find out what’s new in Prisma Access Insights.
Here’s what’s new in Prisma Access Insights:
New Features in February 2021
Integration with Prisma Access App
To centralize monitoring and management in a single application, Prisma Access Insights is now located within the Prisma Access app.
Summary Dashboard
Real-Time Data
—To help you better understand the current load on your system and take the appropriate action, the Summary dashboard now emphasizes real-time, actionable data, such as total open alerts and currently connected users.
Map View
—A geographic map of your Prisma Access locations enables you to assess the real-time status of each location by its number of connected users, functioning remote network nodes, and service connection sites.
Remote Networks
Map View Interactions
—To help you visualize and monitor your deployment, the Remote Networks dashboard now provides an interactive map of your Prisma Access locations. Clicking on a location presents you with additional details, such as aggregate bandwidth, so that you can take proactive measures.
Aggregated Bandwidth Chart Tools
—You can now identify trends in your network traffic by toggling specific metrics on the Aggregated Bandwidth chart, such as averages and peaks for incoming and outgoing traffic.
Mobile Users
IP Address Pool Visibility
—The Mobile Users dashboard now gives you real-time visibility into the capacity of your IP address pools so that you can take action well before space runs out.
User Flight Paths
—To help you keep track of the number and location of your mobile users, you can now click on a Prisma Access site to reveal a flight path between the site and uniquely connected users.
To help you visualize distance, the flight path is in different colors; green is less than 500 miles and orange is more than 500 miles. When you select a flight path, you can view the connection details and more details on the Mobile Users details page.
Service Connections
Service Connections Dashboard
—For better visibility into your Prisma Access service connection locations, a dedicated dashboard now shows you the operational status of your locations as well as aggregate bandwidth levels.
Like Remote Networks, the new dashboard features a list of sites with an aggregate bandwidth chart that enables you to identify trends in your network traffic by toggling specific metrics, such as averages and peaks for incoming and outgoing traffic. Using filters, you can visualize the bandwidth consumption trend per service connection.
Updated Workflow for Alert Subscriptions
—As part of the Insights integration with the Prisma Access app, you can now configure alert notifications from
Alert Subscription
+ Add Users
Remote Network and Service Connection Utilization
—Prisma Access now features new alerts to help you monitor your remote networks, service connections and mobile users. The new alerts for remote networks and service connections help you manage bandwidth utilization by triggering when throughput levels become too high.
Mobile User IP Pool Capacity
—The new alerts for mobile users assist in IP address management by letting you know when IP pools are reaching capacity or when a mobile user gateway automatically scales for more capacity.
Multitenancy Support
If you have multiple Prisma Access tenants associated with one Panorama, you can now switch between those tenants for individual management.
Additionally, you can configure which users receive alerts from specific tenants to ensure that administrators are only notified about relevant issues.

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