Attach the CEN and Specify the Bandwidth

Attach the Alibaba Express Connect (CEN) to the VPCs for a Prisma Access deployment in mainland China.
After you create the required VPCs, you attach an Alibaba Express Connect (CEN) to the VPCs to pass traffic between them by completing the following steps.
The screenshots that display Alibaba Cloud might be different than the sample screenshots shown here.
  1. In Alibaba Cloud, select
    Express Connect
  2. Select
    Create CEN (Recommended)
  3. Create a new CEN instance.
  4. Attach the VPC networks you created (VPC 1 and VPC 2) to the CEN.
  5. Complete the purchase of the bandwidth packet for the in-use compute regions by selecting
    Buy Bandwidth Package (Subscription)
    and purchasing the bandwidth that you require between the two regions.
    Purchase additional bandwidth for the CEN; the bandwidth that an Alibaba Cloud CEN provides you at no cost is insufficient to ensure a successful deployment (the example here uses 2 Mbps of bandwidth).
  6. Click
    Region Connections
    , then
    Set Region Connection
    and create a new region connection.

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