Features Introduced in Prisma Access 1.5.1

The following table describes the new features introduced in Prisma Access version 1.5.1.
New Prisma Access location and compute location
As part of continuous improvement to the Prisma Access service, a new location and new compute region, Bahrain, has been added. This new location displays automatically as a choice in the Prisma Access GUI.
New compute locations for Belgium and Switzerland
Prisma Access has added new compute locations for the following locations:
  • Belgium
    —Moved from Netherlands to Belgium compute location
  • Switzerland
    —Moved from Germany to Switzerland compute location
There is no change to existing deployments. If you have already onboarded Belgium and Switzerland, they use the existing compute locations. To use the new compute locations with an existing deployment, delete the existing location, perform a commit operation, then re-add the location.

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