Prisma™ Cloud is a cloud native security platform that enables you to secure your cloud native infrastructure and cloud native applications using a single dashboard. It provides cloud security posture management (CSPM), data security, IAM security, cloud workload protection (CWP) and the ability to protect cloud native applications from every network attack path.  It offers comprehensive visibility and threat detection across your organization’s hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure.
*Review the Prisma Cloud privacy datasheet.

Prisma Cloud taps into the cloud providers’ APIs for read-only access to your network traffic, user activity, and configuration of systems and services, and correlates these disparate data sets to help the cloud compliance and security analytics teams prioritize risks and quickly respond to issues. It also uses an agent-based approach to secure your host, container, and serverless computing environments against vulnerabilities, malware, and compliance violations.

Use the Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition, which is the cloud-delivered (or SaaS) service version to leverage all the capabilities for full stack and full application lifecycle security. 

For securing your host, container, and functions across the application lifecycle that constitute the CWP capabilities, Prisma Cloud is available in both self-hosted and SaaS versions:

  • Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition, includes the Compute tab on the Prisma Cloud administrative console. This  interface is the SaaS version of the full Cloud Native Security Platform that delivers host, container, and serverless capabilities along with the cloud security posture management capabilities.
    Palo Alto Networks operates the Console for you, and you must deploy the agents (Defenders) into your environment to secure hosts, containers, and serverless functions running in any cloud, including on-premises. 
  • Prisma Cloud Compute Edition, which is the downloadable, self-hosted software that you can use to protect hosts, containers, and serverless functions running in any cloud, including on-premises and even fully air-gapped environments. You must deploy and operate the Console and Defenders in your own environment. 

Latest Releases

September 2021

  • Support for third-party SSO with two IdPs- Google and OneLogin
  • Support for GCP regions - Asia South 2 and Australia SouthEast 2

August 2021
  • AWS Organization support for Prisma Cloud Data Security
  • Exposure only scanning with Prisma Cloud Data Security

 Prisma Cloud Compute Edition 21-08 (for self-hosted deployments) include the following key features:

  • Container Security: Pre-deployment image analysis sandbox

  • Host Security: Auto-protection for virtual machines on Azure and Google Cloud Platform

  • Web Application and API Security: Windows support, service mesh support, and improved API telemetry.

July 2021
  • Integrate Amazon S3 for alert notifications.
  • Support for Compliance Benchmarks-  NIST CSF 1.1, CIS AWS v.1.4.0, and CSA CCM v.4.0.1
  • Policy updates to reduce alert volume and accuracy.
  • Support for Europe Central 2 region on GCP
  • In Limited GA - Support for Cloud Account Group Hierarchy With Nested Account Groups and Resource LIst for Azure Resource Groups.
June 2021
  • Build RQL Config queries more easily with JSON preview.
  • Set the schedule for retrieving the estimated storage size and volume of data eligible for scanning with Prisma Cloud Data Security.
  • Enable external notificational for alert status changes.
  • Support for Azure management groups.
May 2021
  • Send Prisma Cloud alerts to Azure Sentinel.
  • Review the updates for Anomaly Settings and the new UEBA policy for detecting Anomalous Compute Provisioning Activity.
  • See the new Data Security scan settings page for estimates on the volume of data eligible for scanning. 


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Prisma Cloud Administrator Guides and Release Notes

Prisma™ Cloud Administrator's Guide

Prisma™ Cloud Release Information

Review the Prisma Cloud release notes to learn about all the exciting new features and known issues.

Prisma™ Cloud Administrator's Guide (Compute)

Learn how to use the Compute tab on the Prisma Cloud administrative console to deploy Prisma Cloud Defenders and secure your hosts, containers, and serverless functions.

Prisma™Cloud Compute Edition Release Notes

Stay informed on the new features for securing your hosts, containers, and serverless functions and breaking changes in Prisma™ Cloud Compute Edition.

Prisma™ Cloud API Reference

Refer to the API documentation to learn how to securely access and use the Prisma Cloud REST APIs to set up and monitor your cloud accounts.

Prisma Cloud Supporting Documentation and Resources

Prisma™ Cloud Resource Query Language (RQL) Reference

Use a flexible query language to perform checks on resources deployed across different cloud platforms.

Prisma™ Cloud Policies on GitHub

Review all the Prisma Cloud default RQL based policies for Config, Network, and Audit Events in JSON format .

Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer - Certification

Get trained - build the knowledge, skills and abilities required to onboard, deploy and administer all aspects of Prisma Cloud.

Prisma™ Cloud Identity-Based Microsegmentation

Use this guide to deploy enforcers and secure your traffic and hosts with identity-based microsegmentation.

Prisma™ Cloud Compute Reference Architecture

Protect your container, serverless functions, non-container hosts, or any combination! This guide provides Enterprise and Security Architects guidance on how to deploy Prisma Cloud Defenders and integrate with systems commonly found in the enterprise stack.

Prisma™Cloud Data Security

Discover, classify, and protect sensitive data stored on AWS S3 buckets with Prisma Cloud Data Security.

Prisma™ Cloud Compute Operationalize Guide

Use this guide to derive quick time to value with the Compute tab capabilities available with the Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition license. The guidelines enable you to plan for the work ahead, configure and deploy Prisma Cloud Defenders, and measure your progress.

Prisma™Cloud DevOps Security

Urge your developers and security teams to identify insecure configurations in common Infrastructure-as-Code (e.g. AWS Cloud Formation Templates, HashiCorp Terraform templates, Kubernetes App Deployment YAML files) with Prisma Cloud IaC scanning capabilities.

Enhanced Remediation with Serverless Functions on GitHub

Create custom auto-remediation solutions using serverless functions.

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