End-of-Life (EoL)

Docker Swarm

Upgrade Prisma Cloud running in your Swarm cluster.

Upgrading Console

To upgrade Console in a Docker Swarm cluster, rerun the install procedure with the latest Prisma Cloud release. Use the same configuration options in twistlock.cfg and twistcli as you used in the initial install.
You know how you initially installed Prisma Cloud, including all options set in twistcli.cfg and parameters passed to twistcli.
  1. Connect to your master node.
    $ ssh <SWARM-MASTER>
  3. Unpack the Prisma Cloud release tarball.
    $ mkdir twistlock_<VERSION> $ tar xzf twistlock_<VERSION>.tar.gz -C twistlock_<VERSION>/ $ cd twistlock_<VERSION>
  4. If you customized twistlock.cfg during the original install, port those changes forward to twistlock.cfg in the latest release. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  5. Update the Prisma Cloud Console by running the same twistcli command used during the original install.
    $ ./linux/twistcli console install swarm --volume-driver <DRIVER>
    You can now upgrade your Swarm Defenders.

Upgrading Docker Swarm Defenders

Rerun the original Defender install procedure to upgrade the Defender global service. You cannot upgrade global service Defenders directly from the Console UI.

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