End-of-Life (EoL)

Compliance Explorer

Compliance Explorer gives you a picture of the overall compliance of the entities in your container environment.
To view Compliance Explorer, go to
Monitor > Compliance > Compliance Explorer

Reviewing the data

Compliance Explorer consists of two parts:
  • Roll-up charts
     — Show the overall compliance for each entity type (images, containers, and hosts) as a percentage of total checks passed over total checks enabled. A grade of 100% means there are no compliance issues. The trend charts shows how your compliance has changed over the past 30 days.
  • Table of compliance issues
     — Lists all compliance checks that failed. The checks that are evaluated are determined by the rules you’ve defined in
    Defend > Compliance > Policy
    . Issues are listed by compliance ID. Clicking on a row opens a dialog that lists all entities that do not comply with the given ID.
Statistical data is calculated every 24 hours. You can force Console to recalculate the statistics for the current day with the current data by clicking the
button in the top left of Compliance Explorer. The
button has a red marker when new data is available to be crunched.

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