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Manage Prisma Cloud with systemd

You can set up Prisma Cloud to be managed by systemd. Under systemd, you can start and stop Prisma Cloud containers with systemctl. In previous releases, the only option for managing Prisma Cloud containers was docker commands, such as docker start and docker stop.
This feature is useful when you have a standard set of deployment automation tools built around systemd, and you want to leverage them to manage Prisma Cloud.

Installing Prisma Cloud as a systemd service

By default, Prisma Cloud containers (Console and Defender) are managed with docker commands. If you want to use systemd, enable the feature in twistlock.cfg before installing Prisma Cloud.
  1. Open twistlock.cfg for editing.
  2. Set the SYSTEMD_ENABLED flag to true.
    #### systemd configuration ### # Installs Prisma Cloud as systemd service SYSTEMD_ENABLED=true
  3. Save twistlock.cfg, then Install Prisma Cloud.
    After installing Prisma Cloud, Console and Defender services are automatically enabled and started.
  4. Verify Prisma Cloud services are running:
    $ systemctl status twistlock-console $ systemctl status twistlock-defender

Starting and stopping Prisma Cloud containers

Use systemctl to start and stop Prisma Cloud containers.
To start Console:
$ systemctl start twistlock-console.service
To start Defender:
$ systemctl start twistlock-defender.service
To stop Console:
$ systemctl stop twistlock-console.service
To stop Defender:
$ systemctl stop twistlock-defender.service
Run systemctl status to see the state of a Prisma Cloud service. For example, to see the status of Console on your host, run the following command:
$ systemctl status twistlock-console
To see the status of all Prisma Cloud services:
$ systemctl status twistlock-*

Decommissioning Defender

When you decommission a Defender on a host, Prisma Cloud stops the Defender container and removes the container image. To completely remove Prisma Cloud from the host, you must manually remove the systemd unit file:
$ sudo systemctl disable twistlock-defender.service $ sudo rm -rf /lib/systemd/system/twistlock-defender.service $ sudo systemctl daemon-reload

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