End-of-Life (EoL)

Search CVEs

You can determine if Prisma Cloud offers coverage for a specific CVE by using the search interface in Console.
The CVE ID syntax is:
  • CVE
    CVE-ID prefix.
  • YYYY
    Calendar year.
  • NNNN
    Numeric digits. This field has a variable length, but the minimum length is four digits.

Searching for a specific CVE

To search for a specific vulnerability:
  1. Open Console, then go to
    Monitor > Vulnerabilities > CVE Viewer
  2. In the query text box in the top right, enter a CVE ID.
    For example, enter
    If Prisma Cloud has coverage for the queried vulnerability, details are listed in the results table.

Allow a CVE

Allowing CVEs is done directly as a policy.

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