End-of-Life (EoL)

Zero-day vulnerabilities

Zero-day vulnerabilities are undisclosed holes in software packages that have not been publicly acknowledged or patched by the software provider. Prisma Cloud has partnered with Exodus Intelligence, a security research firm that does original work on zero-days, to offer coverage for these types of vulnerabilities.
Zero-day vulnerabilities complement Prisma Cloud’s comprehensive coverage for CVEs. Unlike zero-days, CVEs are publicly disclosed vulnerabilities that are reported by distributions, software vendors, and open source software projects.

Reviewing zero-day vulnerabilities

Prisma Cloud reports zero-day vulnerabilities alongside CVE vulnerabilities.
You do not need to take any action to enable zero-day vulnerability scanning; it is enabled by default. Zero-day vulnerabilities are reported in the Prisma Cloud Intelligence stream, and it is updated as new zero-days are identified.
  1. Open Console.
  2. Go to
    Monitor > Vulnerabilities > Images
    The following screenshot shows a report for the morello/java-test:latest container image. The Prisma Cloud scanner has uncovered a zero-day vulnerability in a Java package. Note that the vulnerability TYPE is marked as 0 Day.
  3. Click
    to get the EIP (Exodus Intelligence Program) identifier for the zero-day and a link to the Exodus portal for more information.
    The Exodus portal provides the following details:
    • A short description.
    • Attack impacts.
    • List of affected software versions.
    • CVSS score.
      You can optionally work with Exodus to purchase more detailed information about the threat.

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