End-of-Life (EoL)

20.04 Update 1 Release Notes

The following table summarizes the release particulars:
Code name
Release date
14 May 2020
Maintenance release
SHA-256 digest

Improvements, fixes, and performance enhancements

  • Starting from this release, Defender auto-upgrade is enabled by default.
  • Fixes twistcli to follow CI policy in Console.
  • Fixes an issue with matching CI rules when labels are specified.
  • Adds support for specifying Jenkins projects/pipelines in the label field of CI rules. Use the following syntax: JOB_NAME:<project_name>.
  • Adds support for ALAS2LIVEPATCH advisories.
  • Fixes an issue with twistcli scans on RHEL nodes that have Podman only.
  • Fixes an issue where RHEL 7/CentOS 7 vulns weren’t detected.
  • Fixes a UI issue where, depending on search filters set elsewhere, there appeared to be empty audits, incidents, and forensics.
  • Fixes vulnerabilities in Prisma Cloud Compute.

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