Reconfigure Prisma Cloud

In many cases, you will set up
before you install Prisma Cloud. However, in some cases, you might want to change some parameters in
after Prisma Cloud has already been installed. To reconfigure Prisma Cloud with an updated
, run the
installer script again.
  1. Extract the release tarball to a new location on your host.
    Make sure this location does not have any previous Prisma Cloud install files.
    $ tar -xvf twistlock_<VERSION>.tar.gz
  2. Update
    with your new settings.
    $ vim twistlock.cfg
  3. Reload twistlock.cfg.
    $ sudo ./ onebox
    This command assumes that both
    reside in the same directory. To specify a configuration file in a different directory, use the -c option.
    The old configuration is stored in

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