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Tags are predefined labels that can help you manage the vulnerabilities in your environment. They are centrally defined and can be set to vulnerabilities and as policy exceptions.
Tags are used as:
  • Vulnerability labels. They provide a convenient way to categorize the vulnerabilities in your environment.
  • Policy exceptions. They can be a part of your rules in order to have a specific effect on tagged vulnerabilities.
Tags are useful when you have large container deployments with multiple teams working in the same environment. For example, you might have different teams handling different types of vulnerabilities. Then you can set tags in order to define responsibilities over vulnerabilities. Other uses would be to set the status of fixing the vulnerability, or to mark vulnerabilities to ignore when they are a known problem that can’t be fixed in the near future.

Creating tags

You can create as many tags as you like.
  1. To create a tag, navigate to
    Manage > Collections and Tags > Tags
    Prisma Cloud ships with a predefined set of tags: Ignored, In progress, For review, DevOps notes. The predefined tags are editable and you can use them according to your needs.
  2. Click
    Add Tag
  3. In the
    Create a new tag
    dialog, enter a name and description.
  4. Pick a color for easy visibility and differentiation.
  5. Click

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