End-of-Life (EoL)

Detecting unprotected web apps

Prisma Cloud scans your environment for containers that run web apps, and reports any that aren’t protected by WAAS.
During the scan, Prisma Cloud detects HTTP servers listening on exposed ports and flags them if they are not protected by WAAS.
Unprotected web apps are flagged on the radar view and are also listed in
Monitor > WAAS > Unprotected web apps
Unprotected web apps scan is available for containers
The following screenshot shows how Radar shows an unprotected web app:
The following screenshot shows how unprotected web apps are reported in
Monitor > WAAS > Unprotected web apps

Report for unprotected web apps

The report lists the images containing unprotected web apps, the number of containers running those images, and the ports exposed in the running containers.
This information can be used when adding new WAAS rules to protect those images.
Above the table is the date of the latest scan. The report can be refreshed by clicking the refresh button.
Users can export the list in CSV format. The CSV file has the following fields:
  • Image
  • Host
  • Container
  • ID
  • Listening ports

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