Webhook alerts

Prisma Cloud offers native integration with a number of services, including email, JIRA, and Slack. When no native integration is available, webhooks provide a mechanism to interface Prisma Cloud’s alert system with virtually any third party service.
A webhook is an HTTP callback. When an event occurs, Prisma Cloud notifies your web service with an HTTP POST request. The request contains an JSON body that you configure when you set up the webhook. A webhook configuration consists of:
  • URL
  • Custom JSON body
  • Credentials
  • CA Certificate

Custom JSON body

You can customize the body of the POST request with values of interest. The content of the JSON object in the request body is defined using predefined macros. For example:
{ "type":#type, "host":#host, "details":#message }
When an event occurs, Prisma Cloud replaces the macros in your custom JSON with real values, and then submits the request.
{ "type":"ContainerRuntime", "host":"host1", "details":"/bin/cp changed binary /bin/busybox MD5:XXXXXXX" }
All supported macros are described in the following table. Not all macros are applicable to all alert types.
Audit alert type. For example, 'Container Runtime'.
Audit alert time. For example, 'Jan 21, 2018 UTC'.
Impacted container.
Impacted image.
Hostname for the host where the audit occurred.
Fully qualified domain name for the host where the audit occurred.
Serverless function where the audit occurred.