Prometheus is a monitoring platform that collects metrics from targets by scraping their published endpoints. Prisma Cloud can be configured to be a Prometheus target.
You can use Prometheus to monitor time series data across your environment and show high-level, dashboard-like, stats to visualize trends and changes. Prisma Cloud’s instrumentation lets you track metrics such as the total number of connected Defenders and the total number of container images in your environment being protected by Defender.


Metrics are a core Prometheus concept. Instrumented systems expose metrics. Prometheus stores the metrics in its time-series database, and makes them easily available to query to understand how systems behave over time.
Prisma Cloud has two types of metrics:
  • Counters: Single monotonically increasing values. A counter’s value can only increase or be reset to zero.
  • Gauges: Single numerical values that can arbitrarily go up or down.

Prisma Cloud metrics

All Prisma Cloud metrics are listed in the following table. Vulnerability and compliance metrics are updated every 24 hours. The rest of the metrics are updated every 10 minutes.
Note that *_vulnerabilities and *_compliance metrics report how many entities (images, containers, hosts, etc) are at risk by the highest severity issue that impacts them. In other words, images_critical_vulnerabilities is not a total count of critical vulnerabilities in the images in your environment. Rather, it is a total count of images where the highest severity CVE is critical. For a thorough explanation of how this type of metric is used, see Vulnerability Explorer.
Total number of Defenders connected to Console. Connected and disconnected Defenders can be reviewed in Console under
Manage > Defenders > Manage
Total number of all Defenders for which a license is allocated, regardless of whether it is currently connected to Console or not.
Total number of containers impacted by critical vulnerabilities.
Total number of containers impacted by high vulnerabilities.
Total number of containers impacted by medium vulnerabilities.