Backup and restore

Prisma Cloud automatically backs up all data and configuration files periodically. You can view all backups, make new backups, and restore specific backups from the Console UI. You can also restore specific backups using the twistcli command line utility.
Prisma Cloud is implemented with containers that cleanly separate the application from its state and configuration data. To back up a Prisma Cloud installation, only the files in the data directory need to be archived. Because Prisma Cloud containers read their state from the files in the data directory, Prisma Cloud containers do not need to be backed up, and they can be installed and restarted from scratch.
When data recovery is enabled (default), Prisma Cloud archives its data files periodically and copies the backup file to a location you specify. The default path to the data directory is /var/lib/twistlock. You can specify a different path to the data directory in twistlock.cfg when you install Console.

Configuring automated backups

By default, automated backups are enabled. With automated backups enabled, Prisma Cloud takes a daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots. These are known as system backups.
To specify a different backup directory or to disable automated backups, modify twistlock.cfg and install (or reinstall) Prisma Cloud Console. The following configuration options are available:
Configuration option
Enables or disables automated backups.
  • true — Enables automated backups (default).
  • false — Disables automated backups.
Specifies the directory where backups are saved.
For example, archives could be saved on durable persistent storage, such as a volume from Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS).
The default value is /var/lib/twistlock-backup.
  1. Open twistlock.cfg for editing.
  2. Scroll down to the Data recovery section.
  3. Enable (or disable) automated back up by setting DATA_RECOVERY_ENABLED to true (or false).