Jenkins Freestyle project

Jenkins Freestyle projects let you create general-purpose build jobs with maximum flexibility.

Setting up a Freestyle project for container images

Create a Freestyle project that builds a Docker image and then scans it for vulnerability and compliance issues.
  1. Go to the Jenkins top page.
  2. Create a new project.
    1. Click
      New Item
    2. In
      Enter an item name
      , enter a name for your project.
    3. Select
      Freestyle project
    4. Click
  3. Add a build step.
    1. Scroll down to the
    2. In the
      Add build step
      drop-down list, select
      Execute shell
    3. In the
      text box, enter the following:
      echo "Creating Dockerfile..." echo "FROM imiell/bad-dockerfile:latest" > Dockerfile docker build --no-cache -t test/test-image:0.1 .
  4. Add a build step that scans the container image(s) for vulnerabilities.
    1. In the
      Add build step
      drop-down list, select
      Scan Prisma Cloud Images
    2. In the
      field, select the image to scan by specifying the repository and tag.
      If the image you want to scan is created outside of this build, or if you want to scan the image every build, even if the build might not generate an new image, then click
      , and select