Jenkins plugin

The Jenkins plugin for Prisma Cloud enables you to scan container images and serverless functions for security vulnerabilities and compliance issues within your continuous integration pipeline.
You can download the Jenkins plugin directly from Console (
Manage > System > Utilities
). It’s also delivered with the release tarball that you download from Releases.
In order to interoperate, both Console and the Jenkins plugin must be from the same release.
The Jenkins plugin is built for Jenkins on Linux. To scan images with Jenkins on other operating systems, use a platform-specific twistcli binary.

Build and scan flow

After Jenkins builds a container image or serverless function package, the Prisma Cloud Jenkins plugin scans it for vulnerabilities and compliance issues.
Prisma Cloud can pass or fail builds, depending on the types of issues discovered, and the policies you have defined in Console. By incorporating scanning into the build phase of the development workflow, developers get immediate feedback about what needs to be fixed. The scan report provides all the information required to fix the vulnerabilities that were identified in the scan.
The sequence of events is described below:
  1. An developer commits a change, which triggers a build.
  2. Jenkins builds the container image.
  3. Jenkins calls the Prisma Cloud plugin for scanning. The plugin collects data about the image, including the packages and binaries in the image, and submits it to Console for analysis.
  4. Console returns a list of vulnerabilities and compliance issues.
  5. The Prisma Cloud plugin passes or fails the build depending upon your policy.
    For more information about configuring a scan, see: Setting up a Freestyle project, Setting up a Maven project, or Setting up a Pipeline project.
    For more information about targeting rules created in Console to the Jenkins plugin, see Set policy in the CI plugins.
  6. Scan results can be reviewed in the following locations:
    • Directly in the Jenkins tool, including the project/job page and dashboard view.
    • In Prisma Cloud Console, in the
      Monitor > Vulnerabilities > {Images | Functions} > CI