Scan Harbor registries.

Scan images on Harbor Registry

Configure Prisma Cloud to scan your Harbor registry. To scan a repository in Harbor, create a new registry scan setting.
  1. Open Console
  2. Go to
    Defend > Vulnerabilities > Images > Registry Settings
  3. Click
    Add Registry
  4. In the dialog, enter the following information:
    1. In the
      drop-down list, select
    2. In the
      field, enter the FQDN of your Harbor registry (https://).
    3. In
      , enter the name of the repository to scan, or leave this blank to scan all repositories.
    4. In
      , enter an image tag. Leave this field blank to scan all images, regardless of any tags.
    5. In
      , select the credentials to use.
      If Console doesn’t have a copy of your credentials yet, click
      Add New
      . Select
      Basic authentication
      , and fill out the rest of the fields. The minimum required credentials for each repository is
      Limited Guest
    6. The
      Bypass deployment security
      toggle is applicable only when using Prisma Cloud Compute pluggable scanner.
      To scan Harbor projects with the deployment security setting enabled, Harbor requires additional permissions that can not be granted with a regular user credentials.
      When the toggle is ON, Prisma Cloud Compute scans the registry using a temporary token provided by Harbor in the scanning request, instead of the credentials provided in the settings. This token has sufficient permissions to bypass the deployment security setting, and it’s the mechanism Harbor provides to allow external security scanners to scan these projects.
      When the toggle is OFF, Prisma Cloud Compute uses the credentials provided in the setting to scan the registry. It will not be able to scan images in Harbor projects with the deployment security setting enabled.
      Harbor’s token expiration time must be at least 30 minutes so that it won’t expire during the Prisma Cloud scanning process. If you set the expiration period to less than 30 minutes, registry scanning might fail.
    7. In
      OS type
      , specify whether the repo holds
    8. In
      Scanners scope
      , specify the collections of defenders to use for the scan.
      Console selects the available Defenders from the scope to execute the scan job according to the
      Number of scanners
      setting. For more information, see deployment patterns.
    9. In
      Number of scanners
      , enter the number of Defenders across which scan jobs can be distributed.
    10. Set