IBM Cloud Container Registry

Scan IBM Cloud Container Registry.

Scan images in IBM Cloud Container Registry

To scan a repository on IBM Cloud Container Registry, create a new registry scan setting.
You have installed a Defender somewhere in your environment.
  1. Open Console
  2. Set up credentials so that Prisma Cloud can access the images in your registry.
    1. Go to
      Manage > Authentication > Credentials Store
    2. Click
      Add credential
    3. Enter a name.
    4. In
      , select
      IBM Cloud
    5. In
      Account GUID
      , enter the GUID for your IBM Cloud account. See the IBM Cloud Docs to learn how to get the GUID of an account
    6. In
      API Key
      , enter your API key. See the IBM Cloud Docs to learn how to create a service ID for Prisma Cloud, and then create an API key for the service ID.
    7. Click
  3. Go to
    Defend > Vulnerabilities > Images > Registry settings
  4. Click
    Add registry
  5. In the dialog, enter the following information:
    1. From the
      drop-down list, select
      IBM Cloud Container Registry
    2. In
      , enter the registry address for your region.
      For example, if you use the us-south registry, enter
    3. In