Cloud accounts

Credentials for cloud accounts are managed in
Manage > Cloud accounts
. Other types of credentials are managed in the credentials store in
Manage > Authentication > Credentials store

Authenticate with Azure using a certificate

You can authenticate with Azure using a certificate as a secret. As with password authentication, the certificate is stored with the Azure service principal. For more information, see the Microsoft docs here.
  1. Log into Compute Console.
  2. Go to
    Manage > Cloud accounts
  3. Click
    Add account
  4. In
    Select cloud provider
    , choose
  5. Enter a name for the credential.
  6. In
    , select
  7. In
    , enter your service principal’s certificate in PEM format.
    The certificate must include the private key. Concatenate public cert with private key (e.g., cat client-cert.pem client-key.pem).
  8. Enter a tenant ID.
  9. Enter a client ID.