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End-of-Life (EoL)


In general, you should stay on the latest major release unless you require a feature or fix from a subsequent maintenance release. We recommend that you upgrade to new major releases as they become available. For more information, see the Prisma Cloud support lifecycle.
The bell icon in Console automatically notifies you when new releases are available:

Downloading the software

Download the software from the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support portal.
If you don’t see
Prisma Cloud Compute Edition
in the drop-down list, contact customer support. They’ll send you a direct link to the download. We are currently working on fixing all accounts that have this issue.
  1. Go to
    Updates > Software Updates
  2. From the drop-down list, select
    Prisma Cloud Compute Edition
    . All releases available for download are displayed.

Open source components

Prisma Cloud includes various open source components, which may change between releases. Before installing Prisma Cloud, review the components and licenses listed in twistlock-oss-licenses.pdf. This document is included with every release tarball. Changes to components or licenses between releases are highlighted.
A full listing of the open source software and their licenses is also embedded in the Defender image. For example, to extract the listing from Defender running in a Kubernetes cluster, use the following command:
kubectl exec -ti -n twistlock <DEFENDER_POD> -- cat /usr/local/bin/prisma-oss-licenses.txt

Code names

We often use code names when referring to upcoming releases. They’re convenient to use in roadmap presentations and other forward-looking communications. Code names tend to persist even after a release ships.

Version to code name mapping

Version numbers indicate the date a release first shipped, along with the build number, as follows:
For example, 22.01.840 is the Joule release, which first shipped in January, 2022.
The following table maps versions to code names. The table is sorted from newest (top) to oldest release.
Code name
TBD(slated to ship in H1Y22)

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