22.12 Known Issues

Review the list of known issues on the 22.12 release.
  • For an application that originates from an OS package, the vulnerability data for CVEs is sourced from the relevant feed for the OS package. In some cases, like with Amazon Linux and Photon OS, this CVE information is provided in security advisories such as Amazon Linux Security Advisories (ALAS) for Amazon, and PHSA for Photon. In such cases, the correlation for the relevant vulnerabilities is limited. As an example, when the application “python” is sourced from an Amazon Python package, CVEs found for the python application (as a binary) will not be correlated with the relevant Amazon CVEs from the ALAS.
  • 22.12.415 or later
    The console displays an expired certificate warning for Defenders even if the certificate is not in use. This issue only occurs when you have certificates that are more than 3 years old.
    Confirm that the Defenders are connected and ignore the UI notification banner.
    : Delete the *.pem.old certficate to remove this UI notification banner.
  • 22.12.415 or later
    Prisma Cloud integration with AWS Security Hub fails on US Gov regions.
  • 22.12.415 or later
    A 404 Not Found error is displayed when performing a sandbox image analysis using older version of twistcli, such as v22.06, with the 22.12 console.
  • 22.12.427 and later
    For App-Embedded WAAS events, the
    Add as exception
    button does not allow you to add an exception directly from an event. Workaround: Manually add exceptions to rules. Click the
    Rule app ID
    on the "Aggregated WAAS Events" page and edit the relevant detection.

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