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Helm charts

If you installed Prisma Cloud into your Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster with Helm charts, you can upgrade with the helm upgrade command.
First upgrade Console. Console will then automatically upgrade all deployed Defenders for you.
If you’ve disabled Defender auto-upgrade or if Console fails to upgrade one or more Defenders, manually upgrade your Defenders.
You must manually upgrade App-Embedded Defenders.

Upgrading Console

Generate an updated Helm chart for Console, and then upgrade to it.
  1. Download the latest recommended release.
  2. Create an updated Console Helm chart.
    $ <PLATFORM>/twistcli console export kubernetes \ --service-type LoadBalancer \ --helm
  3. Install the updated chart.
    $ helm upgrade twistlock-console \ --namespace twistlock \ --recreate-pods \ ./twistlock-console-helm.tar.gz
  4. Go to
    Manage > Defenders > Manage
    and validate that Console has upgraded your Defenders.

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