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Credentials Store

Your container environments can use many third party services across multiple cloud providers. To improve accessibility and reusability, Prisma Cloud manages all credentials in a central encrypted store. Prisma Cloud uses these credentials for the following integrations.
  • Scanning container registries, serverless functions, and others.
  • Alerting in third party services such as email, Slack, ServiceNow, and others.
  • Deploying and managing Defender DaemonSets from the Prisma Cloud Console UI.
  • Injecting secrets from secret stores into containers at runtime.
The following diagram shows the architecture of the the credentials store.
To access the credential store, go to
Manage > Authentication > Credentials Store
. If credentials are in use, you can’t delete them. To see where credentials are used, click on an entry in the credentials store table, and review the
To refresh a credential’s values, you don’t need to delete and set up the integration again. If an integration uses a credential, and you edit its parameters, for example the username or password, etc. Prisma Cloud propagates the new values automatically to the right places in the product.

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