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Azure Key Vault

You can integrate Prisma Cloud with Azure Key Vault. First configure Prisma Cloud to access your Key Vault, then create rules to inject the relevant secrets into their associated containers.
You have created a secret in Key Vault.
  1. Create an Azure servicePrincipal in your Azure AD Tenant
    1. Use AZ CLI to create a servicePrincipal and obtain the json credential file.
    2. Authenticate to your Azure tenant.
      $ az login
    3. Create a servicePrincipal
      $ az ad sp create-for-rbac
    4. Save the resulting json output.+
      { "appId": "xxxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx", "displayName": "azure-cli-2018-11-01-xx-xx-xx", "name": "http://azure-cli-2018-11-01-xx-xx-xx", "password": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "tenant": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" }
    5. In the Azure Key Vault, add the servicePrincipal to the
      Access Policies
      with the following permissions:
      secrets/get permission secrets/list permission
  2. In the Prisma Cloud Console, go to
    Manage > Authentication > Secrets
  3. Click
    Add store
    1. Enter a name for the vault. This name is used when you create rules to inject secrets into specific containers.
    2. For
      , select
      Azure Key Vault
    3. For
      , enter
      . This address can be found in the Azure Key Vault’s properties in the DNS Name element.
    4. In
      , click
      Add new
      If you create a credential in the credentials store (
      Manage > Authentication > Credentials store
      ), your service principal authenticates with a password.
    5. Enter a name for the credentials.
    6. In
      , select
    7. In
      Service Key
      , enter the JSON credentials returned from the az ad sp create-for-rbac command.
    8. Click
    9. Click
      After adding the new store, Prisma Cloud tries conecting to your vault. If it is successful, the dialog closes, and an entry is added to the table. Otherwise, any connection errors are displayed directly in the configuration dialog.

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