Autoscaling nodes and pods

To enable autoscaling of your Microsegmentation Console, complete the following steps.
  1. From your Voila host, activate your environment.
    cd microseg && ./activate
  2. Provide your key at the prompt.
  3. Modify the default configuration value as follows.
    set_value global.autoscaling.enabled true override
  4. Implement the change in configuration.
  5. If you do not wish to modify any other settings, deactivate Voila.
  6. Put your Microsegmentation Console in maintenance mode.
  7. Enable pod auto scaling in Kubernetes.
    This will define hpa resources to scale the number of replicas depending on certain metrics. Note that your Kubernetes cluster needs to have a metrics-server installed.
  8. When available, we also recommend enabling cluster autoscaling.
    Some providers, such as EKS and GKE can automatically adjust the number of nodes in your cluster based on resources and demand.

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