5.0.10 Release Notes

July 9, 2021

New Features

Duplicate option in the UI

This can be helpful if you want to move an object from one level in the heirarchy to another.

Support for SuSE Linux

You can now deploy Enforcers on Linux hosts running the SuSE Linux 12.5 distribution.

IPV6 Support

IPv6 Support is now generally available (GA). If you use IPv6 and wish to monitor and control these connections using the Enforcer, pass the --enable-ipv6 flag in the Enforcer configuration options.

Resolved issues

  • CNS-2277
    : For already connected Enforcers, connectivity to the Microsegmentation Console is not lost when the TUF repository is unreacheable.
  • CNS-2263
    : Traffic from Network list object are no longer rejected with drop reason missing token.

Known issues

  • CNS-2469
    : Invalid token error is reported for Enforcer versions 3.14.10 or lower.
  • CNS-2259
    : On occasion, the App Dependency map times out when the volume of flows is high.

Deprecation notices

  • Namespace Editor role
    : If you have any API authorizations using this role, migrate them to the Namespace Administrator role. We will remove the Namespace Editor role in a future release.
  • Host services
    : If you are using host services, migrate to external networks and network rulesets. We will remove host services in a future release.

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