5.0.13 Release Notes

Oct 11, 2021

New Features

Support for SuSE Linux

You can now deploy Enforcers on Linux hosts running the SuSE Linux 12.3 distribution.

Resolved Issues

  • CNS-2996
    : Flows log details fails to show policy name for network access policies.
  • CNS-3303
    : Creation of namespace fails randomly.
  • CNS-3582
    : Upgrading control plane EKS cluster to version newer than 1.18 fails.

Known Issues

  • CNS-3018
    : Validation errors seen after upgrade of 3.14.x enforcers.
  • CNS-2715
    : On failover enforcer connections are not terminated from the previously active control plane.
  • CNS-3299
    : UpdateTime field on EnforcerProfile object is marked as read only (SDK)
  • CNS-3298
    : Strong write consistency is not respected

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