5.0.14 Release Notes

Dec 1, 2021

New Features

TCP Services & Proxy Protocol

This release introducsed support for TCP services and proxy protocol. TCP services have to be configured when the destination processing unit (PU) in a rule-set is exposed through a TCP terminating load balancer. More details on this feature is covered in our TCP services docs.

Resolved Issues

  • CNS-2715
    : 5.0.x enforcer continues to hold connections to inactive control plane after failover
  • CNS-3018
    : Validation errors after upgrade from 3.14 to 5.0.12 enforcers, V1 network rules

Known Issues

  • CNS-3228
    : Incomplete certificate cleanup during yum or apt uninstallation of the enforcer.
  • CNS-3830
    : UI fails to update enforcer profiles from other namespaces
  • CNS-3651
    : Inline tag prefix update/edit fails
  • CNS-3557
    : Specific ICMP rules between PUs allow other traffic

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