5.2.2 Release Notes

June 09, 2022

Resolved Issues

  • CNS-4877
    : Processing Unit or Enforcer details page fails to load after hitting rate limit errors
  • CNS-5211
    : Enforcers reconnecting to an upgraded backend can send unnecessary PATCH operations
  • CNS-5235
    : Requests to the metadata server of the Windows enforcer can fail

Known Issues

  • CNS-5416
    : Backend configuration fails with GKE cluster version 1.22
  • CNS-4902
    : Reports query with complex filters can fail with large data volumes. For such queries users must either reduce the query time window or run the query a lower level namespaces.
  • CNS-4881
    : Loading dependency maps can fail at top level namespaces or large time ranges with high volumes of data. For such queries, user must select smaller time windows.
  • CNS-4780
    : Service caitsith may be in a crash loop after upgrade. Refer to upgrade troubleshooting page for steps to resolve this issue.

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