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Pre-receive Hooks

Integrate Prisma Cloud Application Security scanner as a pre-receive hook into your workflows using Checkov CLI to automate the scanning of your code for Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) misconfigurations, Software Composition Analysis (SCA) issues and Secrets vulnerabilities. Pre-receive hooks are server-side hooks in version control systems (VCS) that are triggered on the server when receiving a push or a specific action is performed, and these hooks enable you to enforce checks or actions before accepting any changes into the VCS.
This integration allows you to identify issues and take remediation steps before accepting the code into your repositories and thereby mitigating the risk of introducing potential issues downstream.
The terminology and implementation of pre-receive hooks may vary across different version control systems such as GitHub and GitLab.
The Prisma Cloud Application Security pre-receive hook is supported on the following systems:

Install Prisma Application Security Pre-Receive Hook on a Local Host

  1. Fulfill the following requirements before installing the Prisma Application Security pre-receive hook on your local host:
    • Install Python v3.7 - v3.11
    • Install Docker
    • Install Checkov
    • Verify Administrator access to the Version Control System (VCS) server and console
  2. Navigate to the local folder housing the cloned repository and run the following command to build the image from the
    docker build -f -t
  3. Add executable permissions to the file:
    chmod +x
  4. Run a data container with a generated SSH key:
    docker run --name data /bin/true
  5. Copy the script to the data container:
    docker cp data:/home/git/test.git/hooks/pre-receive
    See Pre-receive Hook Script for more information.
  6. Run an application container to execute the hook:
    docker run -d -p 52311:22 --volumes-from data
  7. Copy the generated SSH key to your local machine:
    docker cp data:/home/git/.ssh/id_ed25519
  8. Test the hook: Make a commit in a local repository and run the following command:
    git remote add test git@ $ GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -p 52311 -i ../id_ed25519" git push -u test main

Install the Prisma Application Security Pre-Receive Hook on GitHub Enterprise Server

To install the Prisma Application Security pre-receive hook on GitHub Enterprise Server, refer to GitHub Docs. You will need the Pre-receive Hook Script for the installation.

Install the Prisma Application Security Pre-Receive Hook on GitLab Self-Managed

To install the Prisma Application Security pre-receive hook on GitLab Self-Managed refer to GitLab Self-Managed Docs. You will need the Pre-receive Hook Script for the installation.
Customize Flags
: Customize “CHECKOV_OPTIONAL_FLAGS” by adding flags to suit your specific requirements. See here for a comprehensive list of flags.

Pre-receive Hook Script

Use this script to run Prisma Application Security as a pre-receive hook.
#!/usr/bin/env bash # This script is used to run Prisma Cloud Application Security using Checkov CLI in a pre-receive hook. # Use the prisma api url and key pair for your tenant PRISMA_API_URL='' BC_API_KEY='<access_key_id>::<secret_access_key>' # Current repository name may be available as an environment variable depending on the SCM. # Check documentation for your specific provider. REPO_ID='org/repo' CHECKOV_COMMAND='checkov -d' # required flags CHECKOV_FLAGS="--skip-results-upload --repo-id ${REPO_ID} --prisma-api-url ${PRISMA_API_URL} --bc-api-key ${BC_API_KEY}" # add other, optional flags CHECKOV_OPTIONAL_FLAGS='--framework secrets --enable-secret-scan-all-files --compact' TEMPDIR=`mktemp -d` oldrev=$1 newrev=$2 refname=$3 while read oldrev newrev refname; do # get list of changed files files=`git diff --name-only ${oldrev} ${newrev}` # get list of objects to check objects=`git ls-tree --full-name -r ${newrev}` for file in ${files}; do object=`echo -e "${objects}" | egrep "(\s)${file}\$" | awk '{ print $3 }'` if [ -z ${object} ]; then continue; fi mkdir -p "${TEMPDIR}/`dirname ${file}`" &>/dev/null git cat-file blob ${object} > ${TEMPDIR}/${file} done; done # run checkov ${CHECKOV_COMMAND} ${TEMPDIR} ${CHECKOV_FLAGS} ${CHECKOV_OPTIONAL_FLAGS} exit_code=$? # cleanup rm -rf ${TEMPDIR} &> /dev/null exit $exit_code

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