Code Security Licenses

The Prisma Cloud Code Security license offering is an a la carte model that includes three modules using credits per developer. A developer as per the licensing configuration is a user who actively commits on Git, who is identified through a unique Git email address with a contribution history to any Git repositories in the last 90 days. At every stage of the Prisma Cloud licensing subscription you can choose to enable one or more modules for an enhanced Shift-left experience.
The Prisma Cloud Code Security licenses are available as a part of the Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security
This is current Prisma Cloud Code Security module that is renamed to IaC Security. The module offers security throughout the infrastructure lifecycle while proactively reducing the runtime risk by remediating security and compliance issues in development workflows. The module now requires 3 credits per developer.
  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
This module enables developers to find, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities and license compliance issues in open source dependencies. The model requires 4 credits per developer.
  • Secrets Security
This module scans all files to prevent exposing API keys, passwords, certificates, tokens, and other sensitive secrets with high fidelity. To analyze your code for secrets, Prisma Cloud temporarily clones and stores code found in onboarded repositories using any of your VCS integrations. The module requires 1 credit per developer. For every new and existing subscription of Code Security on Prisma Cloud, IaC Security and SCA modules are enabled. You can choose to disable the modules on
Settings > Code Security Configuration.

Configure Licensing Offerings

On the Prisma Cloud console
Settings > Code Security Configuration
, you can configure the licensing a la carte to meet your security requirements. For an existing subscription you can switch to the new module of Code Security licensing configuration. Switching to the new module of licensing configuration ensures the credit metering to be enabled for both IaC Security and SCA modules.
Once the Code Security licensing configuration is complete you can view the license credit consumption on
Settings > Licensing > Build Time
For each licensing offering you can view a associated credit consumption.
In this example, all offerings are enabled, however Secrets Scanning does not have any active credit consumption.

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