Add GitHub Actions to Prisma Cloud Code Security

Integrating Prisma Cloud with GitHub Actions makes it possible for Prisma Cloud Code Security to scan your Infrastructure-as-code files (Terraform and CloudFormation),review scan results in a number of formats, display Incidents on the Console and, optionally, cause a build to fail. As a prerequisite you are required to add the Prisma Cloud IP addresses and hostname for Code Security to an allow list, to enable access to the Prisma Cloud Console.
  1. Access GitHub Actions on Prisma Cloud Code Security.
    1. Select
      Settings > Repositories > Add Repositories
    2. Select
      GitGub Actions
  2. Add environment variable to GitHub Secrets.
    1. Copy
      Value keys
      , then access GitHub Secrets to add the variables.
    2. Select
  3. Configure job on GitHub Actions.
    1. Copy and then paste the steps from Prisma Cloud console to GitHub Actions job configuration.
    2. Select
      The GitHub Actions repository you added displays on
      Settings > Repositories
      . After a code security scan access
      Code Security > Projects
      to view the latest integrated GitHub Actions repository to either Suppress or Fix the policy misconfigurations.

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