Add GitLab to Prisma Cloud Code Security

Integrating Prisma Cloud with GitLab makes it possible for Code Security to scan your Infrastructure-as-code files (Terraform and CloudFormation) and monitor configuration issues in development.
As a prerequisite you are required to add the Prisma Cloud IP addresses and hostname for Code Security to an allow list, to enable access to the Prisma Cloud Console.
  1. Select
    Settings > Repositories > Add Repository
  2. Select
  3. Configure your GitLab account on Prisma Cloud Code Security and then select
  4. Select the repositories to scan and then select
  5. A
    New account successfully configured
    message appears after you have successfully set up the configurations and then select
    Your configured GitLab repositories will appear on the
    page. On your next GitLab scan, the scan results will include the new configured repositories. Access
    Code Security
    to view the scanned results.

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