Add Jenkins to Prisma Cloud Code Security

Integrating Prisma Cloud with Jenkins, an extremely powerful and customizable tool makes it possible for Prisma Cloud Code Security to scan your Infrastructure-as-code files, display Incidents on the Console and, optionally, find build causes that fail. As a prerequisite you are required to add the Prisma Cloud IP addresses and hostname for Code Security to an allow list, to enable access to the Prisma Cloud Console.
  1. Access Jenkins on Prisma Cloud Code Security.
    1. Select
      Settings > Repositories > Add Repository.
    2. Select
  2. Set a repository for integration and scanning.
    1. Copy and paste the repository URL and then select
  3. Configure Prisma Cloud Code Security subscription.
    1. Copy and then paste the code from Prisma Cloud console the Jenkins pipeline and then select
      The example code on the Prisma Cloud console has placeholder strings you must update with your Prisma Cloud Access key and Secret key.
      If you do not have an Access key and Secret key see generate access keys.
      The Jenkins repository you added displays on
      Settings > Repositories.
      After a code security scan access
      Code Security > Projects
      to view the latest integrated Jenkins repository to Suppress or Fix the policy misconfigurations.

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