Generate Access Key

Prisma Cloud uses Access Keys to integrate with the environments where you host your templates, source code, or pipelines.
Access keys are specific to a user and they enforce the role and permissions assigned to the specified user.
When you are prompted to add an API Token on any plugin, make sure to provide your Prisma Cloud access key ID and secret as the input.
  1. Select
    Settings > Access Control > Access Keys > Add Access Key
  2. Enter an access key
  3. Set the
    Key Expiry
    As a best practice, set an expiration time for the validity of your access key.
  4. Copy and save your new
    Access Key ID
    Secret Key
    in a secure location.
    You can optionally select
    Download .csv file
    to download this information.
    Ensure you save the information securely as you will not be able to access this information later.

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