Create and Manage Code Category views

Prima Cloud provides you with eight default views across Overview, IaC misconfiguration, Vulnerabilities, Secrets, Licenses, Build Integrity, VCS Pull Requests and CI/CD Runs. Using the views allows you to focus on relevant use cases and prioritizing on mitigating errors.
You can create customized views that can be managed according to your preferences on the Prisma Cloud console.
  1. Add a new view.
    1. Select
      Code Security > Projects > Enhanced
      and then select
      Add View
    2. Add the name of the view and then select
      Add New View
      You can optionally, select
      Copy current view configuration
      and then select
      Add New View
      to duplicate the selected view.
      In this example, you see name of the view as 'Test' with
      Copy current view configuration
  2. Manage Views
    1. Select
      Manage Views
      to manage your custom views.
    2. Select a custom view and then choose to either
      the view.
      You cannot delete, edit or reorder the existing default views.
    3. Select
      after the edits to the custom view are made.

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