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VCS 3rd Parties

VCS 3rd Parties displays an inventory of VCS 3rd Parties including applications (apps) and webhooks, found in your organization’s version control system (VCS).
To access 'VCS 3rd Parties', select
Application Security
> click on the
VCS 3rd Parties
VCS 3rd Parties includes the following details:
  • Name
    : The application/webhook name
  • Type
    : The type of third party. Values: 'App', 'Webhook'
  • Scope
    : The scope of the third party. Values: 'Organization', 'Repository', 'Subscription', 'Team'
  • Permissions
    : A summary of permissions granted to an application. See the 'Details' tab of the resource explorer for additional details about permissions when available
  • VCS
    : The VCS hosting the application/ webhook
  • Organization
    : The organization in the VCS hosting the third party
  • Repos
    : The number of repositories that host the application/webhook. See the 'Repositories' tab of the resource explorer below for more details
    Selecting an entity in the inventory table opens the resource explorer displaying additional information about the entity.
  • The
    tab opens as the default view, providing third party metadata such as a list permissions that the app has been granted and a list of events that the app or webhook listens to
  • Repositories
    : Displays a list of repositories in your organization hosting the apps or webhooks. Includes a link to the repositories
  • URL
    : Provides a list of the webhook URLs detected in your organization


You can apply the following filters to narrow a search for a third party application or webhook:
  • Repository
    : Filter by repositories in the system
  • Type
    : Filter by application, webhook or both
  • Scope
    : Filter by repository, organization or subscription
  • URL
    : Filter by webhook URL
  • VCS
    : Filter by the VCS in use in your organization. Values: 'GitHub', 'GitLab', 'Azure DevOps' and 'Bitbucket'

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